jeudi 2 juillet 2015


Recently Days of our lives become more harder more complicated !?? right easy things to get where is all those beautiful feelings we used to have when we get flower as gift when we heard that long song that we have waited for hours im not someone who lived in  70's but when I collect puzzels of a lot of stories I find happiness in light inside every old man and women who lived and that time , what can i tell to my Childerns that I live in era where's no humanity and no polite and all vedio music are couraging you to do sex and drugs .... what gonna happen ? how the world will be and what he can lose more than he did
I miss my old world hahahha and all those beautiful innocent fairytales and love and emotional stories that our grandmom's use to tell us while we all sleeping in the same bad because we are children we love to  be around and share .... now , selfishness won the wor the democracy won the wor the Cold War or what i called the THIRD WORLD WAR , is happening .... just open  your eyes ....

vendredi 5 juin 2015

But in Reality

but in reality
i cant voice my opinions but i can make it silent by writing ,
because its dying ?!
or it's once in life when you speak up your voice in silence
or looking for the side you never know about 
but you lost it in a knowledge that you become but you didn't create it 
Im not desspred teenager but someone who see things in different way or sight 
I dont want to be famous but i want to be heard 
my words are free and i can work in Factory 
but i will always write for free 
because words can heal

lundi 1 juin 2015

Love LOVE lOvE

You know what love is
Is never fed up from kissing his lips
You live just to not leave him alone
You live just to take all the stress out of his shoulders
I never believed that love exist but i wished to happend
and I pray for it ans what .... yes i believed that i will have a love story one day
i didnt get insecure or think that life is all about me but there is someone waiting me to share it with me
and i met him with his knee down as a charming prince he opened his arms to cuddle and give me the life i was wishing for that words cant describe or the world money can buy it
maybe i start to  be a woman but there is no woman without a man the actually give her all the power to be a queen of his castle ... I may look traditional minded but trust im the perfect open minded you can ever meet but the perfect that mixture with a trust love and gentle and joy and understanding and pain love make everything looks beautiful

vendredi 29 mai 2015

Simple is beauty

Hello Dear
Well, I actually see people posting a clothes and promote some blogs and gained money through our backs.well i tried this and because im not a really rich Girl and who can not buy every last collection i didnt get any intereset ...while people wishing a Models life and fame i want only a beautiful blog to be followed in and write my journal and everybody comment .... today i will start over again to create my style with my photos or not and with my journals or not i hope people get some attention not only to fame but to normal people who whish to be seen thanks