jeudi 2 juillet 2015


Recently Days of our lives become more harder more complicated !?? right easy things to get where is all those beautiful feelings we used to have when we get flower as gift when we heard that long song that we have waited for hours im not someone who lived in  70's but when I collect puzzels of a lot of stories I find happiness in light inside every old man and women who lived and that time , what can i tell to my Childerns that I live in era where's no humanity and no polite and all vedio music are couraging you to do sex and drugs .... what gonna happen ? how the world will be and what he can lose more than he did
I miss my old world hahahha and all those beautiful innocent fairytales and love and emotional stories that our grandmom's use to tell us while we all sleeping in the same bad because we are children we love to  be around and share .... now , selfishness won the wor the democracy won the wor the Cold War or what i called the THIRD WORLD WAR , is happening .... just open  your eyes ....

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